Stories from the cubs

Who are the cubs?

The cubs are a group of 12-16 years old boys and girls in residence at Geraif reformatory center in Khartoum, Sudan. 

Geriaf Reformatory Center or the Cubs Education Home for boys and girls who are under the age of 18 and fell victims to legal crimes as a result of the circumstances surrounding them. The current group at the center holds 30 young boys.

Stories from the cubs was implemented in partnership with Education without borders, professional art therapist and qualified art trainers.

Creative expression is a powerful tool for youth to tell their stories, cultivate healthy coping skills, and connect with others. This program uses the arts as a catalyst to reach and connect to vulnerable youth, promoting positive change and forging constructive connections between youth in vulnerable stages and their community. The project workshops trainers met with youth and worked with professional artists and mentors to express their thoughts and clarify their experiences through drawing and painting, learning how art can be used as a positive creative outlet and viable coping and healing mechanism.

Goal 1: Telling stories through art and using it as an outlet

  • Under the mentorship and supervision of professional artists and creators, the participants use art as a means of self expression and storytelling to produce final works resulting in an exhibition.
  • Boost creative thinking and communication through art

Goal 2: Empowering young boys with artistic skills and personal training

The aim is to empower the participants with skills and knowledge in artistic fields under the supervision and mentorship of a professional artist and open up the possibilities to discover and grow hidden talents. 

Goal 3: Raise funds to help youth in the center

By hosting an exhibition and event with auctioning all artworks created throughout the workshop period to then donate the profits to the children as a reward for their work and to emphasise the importance of working as well as help rehabilitate the center.

Stories from the cubs is designed to work with a group of young boys in Geriaf reformatory center and hold workshops and training for them within the center. The artworks were displayed at an exhibition by the end of the training and auctioned for sale. All revenues from works are donated back to help the children.