Inside the corner pink house

Reem Aljeally, 2023

the story follows the recent events of the ongoing war in Khartoum, illustrating a nostalgic visit to memories of living, events, and childhood resurfacing with the attempts of adjusting to a new life in a foreign land. The story traces the world and thoughts of “Girl with fat belly”, the symbolic character in my paintings and work, diving into her world of possessions and items that are symbolising life in its rawest form in a manner relatable to many.

A Study on the Conditions of Sudanese Artists Affected by War

Last July, we conducted an online questionnaire on the situation of Sudanese artists after the war, the questionnaire targeted artists inside and outside Sudan, and after analysing responses from 45 Sudanese artists, we come to you with this report, highlighting the situation of these artists, where they’re currently based, whether they’re able to carry on with their artistic practices and more. The report is available in Arabic and English.

the muse magazine. issue 01

The first edition of The Muse arts and culture magazine, 2021 – 2023. Available online, print issues upon request. email: to order a copy

Of Faces, Tales, and Lands

The catalogue of the exhibition “OF FACES, TALES, AND LANDS” contains the works of 10 contemporary established Sudanese artists guest curated by Reem Aljeally for BetterShared. In addition the catalogue features 3 articles by the writers Rahiem Shadad, Mozafar Ramadan, and Mohamed Morada speaking about the past and present of the Sudanese art scene.