The Muse multi studios is an integrative regional artistic organisation  that works to make art available to all, by promoting artistic practices, providing spaces and creating projects that express different cultural and social contexts in a collaborative manner with other institutions and individuals interested in cultural work. The Muse was established in 2019 by Sudanese visual artist and curator Reem Aljeally.

In 2022, The Muse multi studios has been awarded the Abbara Program by Culture Resource in it’s 7th round.


Creating an integrative regional art organisation  capable of making visual arts available to everyone in the Sudanese community and the region.


Promoting creative work in Sudan and the region, by providing spaces, activities and collaborative projects that support the process of artistic production and creating original artistic projects that reflect the different social and cultural contexts, and display them in a manner commensurate with their specificity.

Marwan M. Hamza participation at the training of Abbara organisations round 7 with Culture Resource in Bireut, Lebanon. Nov 2022


  • Equipping artists with the necessary knowledge and tools to produce original artistic projects that contribute to elevating the level of artistic activity in Sudan.
  • Contribute to the development of the art market in Sudan.
  • Connecting artists in different regions of Sudan with each other first, and then with others in the region.


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