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To participate in issue 02 of “The Muse” magazine on documentation and archiving. | للمشاركة في العدد الثاني من مجلة “زا ميوز” حول التوثيق والأرشفة

Deadline for submission – آخر موعد للتقديم – 30/06/2024

The Muse in 2023, The year of turbulence and resilience

This article aims to explain the work carried out by The Muse organisation during the year 2023. Initially anticipated as a year of progress, but in the second quarter of the year, we were confronted with war and displacement.

The Muse magazine

The Muse Magazine was released in September 2023. It is an artistic and visual production that primarily focuses on Sudanese art. It consists of articles featuring a collection of brilliant paintings from Sudanese artists.

The first edition of The Muse arts and culture magazine, 2021 – 2023. Available online, print issues upon request.

Decaying Bank: Reproducing Khartoum Visually

The project represents an artistic residency that seeks to work on Khartoum city on two levels. The first is a research production on Khartoum and its representations in visual art, and then reconstruct a model from which a different visual production exudes, based on the critical view that was provided through the critical engagement that takes place. Through this, works will be produced (A group of visual artworks) carrying these themes.

In production phase of the residency, photographer and storyteller Hassan Kamil asks “What makes people hold on to Khartoum now, with its dusty streets, crowded markets, and scorching sun?” Hassan finds the answer in his wanderings around the city.

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