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  • Middle Voids: Exhibition review by Mahasin Ismail

    Middle Voids: Exhibition review by Mahasin Ismail

    I only had the privilege to visit the exhibition twice but it completely felt like walking in a Deja Vu. The idea of chairs hanging from the ceiling uncomfortably installed as a centre model was something so familiar to my brain, that it slightly resembles Galal Yousif’s iconic painting “Chairs fight”.  Khartoum based visual artist and […]

  • The rebirth of Dara Art Gallery

    In 1999, Dara Art Gallery, was founded by renowned Sudanese artist Dr. Rashid Diab and his then partner and artist Dr. Mercedes Carmona, showcasing mainly Diab’s works and other more rich works by important names in the Sudanese art scene like Ibrahim Elsalahi, Yassir Abu El Haram, Hussein Gamaan and Ahmad Shibrain. Some of these […]