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  • تاريخ “المؤسسة الفنية” في السودان.. سياسة الفعل وفعل السياسة

    تاريخ “المؤسسة الفنية” في السودان.. سياسة الفعل وفعل السياسة

    كتابة مظفر رمضان بما أن ثورة ديسمبر السودانية 2018م وتناقضات الأحداث التي تلتها من أفعال النُخب “المدنية المتعلّمة” التي عول عليها الشعب في دور الإصلاح؛ تجلت كبوادر أشارت إلى مدى غُربة تلك النُخب عن فهم طبيعة واقعها، وحتمّت على ضرورة النظر المغاير تجاه المفاهيم الاجتماعية والسياسية التي  تتلاقى فيها المصالح المنشودة من فعل التغيير. فكان […]

  • It’s been more than 40 days and Sunday never came

    It’s been more than 40 days and Sunday never came

    Alaa Sherif, Yasmin Abdallah, Galala Yousif, Almogera Abdelbagi, Mohamed Sonata, Hossam Abdelsalam, Abdelmagied Afifi, Mahdiya, Heibat Alfatih, Mozafar Ramadan, Azza Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Katarzyna (Kasia) Grabska, Reem Aljeally “It’s been more than 40 days and Sunday never came” A sentence often recalled and reshared by many Sudanese people who had to, and still are, enduring […]

  • Magic of conceptual art through the lens of Hashim Nasr

    Magic of conceptual art through the lens of Hashim Nasr

    Witten by: Mahasin Ismail It’s astonishing how our hands and fingers can move in different directions creating so many shapes and expressive forms. The tiny bones, ligaments and tendons along veins and stretchy skin are just magnificent. You’ll be dazzled by how much we can say using our hands and its gestures through Hashim Nasr’s […]

  • Khalid Abdalrahman’s contemporary landscapes

    Khalid Abdalrahman’s contemporary landscapes

    Written by Mahasin Ismail Our collective memory seems to categorise landscapes as something of the past. A nostalgic genre or a practice which has no place in today’s landmarks, which leaves the scene dominated by abstraction, installation, conceptualization and minimalistic art. All we could think of are the romantic landscapes of John Constable or Claude […]

  • 4 Sudanese female entrepreneurs to look out for

    In a recent media report published by Nauur media, the female led company stated that only 8% of business owners in Sudan are females while only 3% of them are in senior management positions. The art world is no different when it comes to male dominance, however, many female led initiatives, small businesses and ventures […]

  • Daughter of the Nile, A short film by Akelo A. Costa

    Written by: Reem Aljeally  As a diaspora, Akelo shares common issues of searching for identity, positioning and the idea of a home in her poems that touch on subjects such as naivety, culture, trauma, adolescence, family and love. Growing up as a South Sudanese in Australia, she has always been interested in the visual media […]

  • سياسة و حرب، حب و أعصاب

    كتابة: روان حسن الزين زياد عاصي الرحباني، الحالة اللبنانية التي سنحاول في هذا المقال سرد بعض مشاهد موسيقاه وحواراته لمحاولة فهم نظرته  للحياة. “Musical attempts by Ziad Alrahbani” هي الجملة المذكورة في أرشيف بدايات تسجيلاته الموسيقية. محاولات هي محتوى هذا المقال، وأول محاولة هي لتحليل كيف نظر زياد الى الفقر والسياسة وكيف ربط بينهما بالحب، […]